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Commercial entities
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The entities in this area are charitable institutions and other institutions for social-, cultural-, or sportive purposes.

The term “non-profit” indicates the primary purpose is not to generate earnings. Nevertheless Non-Profit Organizations have to care for economic efficiency so that donations and grants cover operation costs.

We have developed main fields of practice as a result of our experiences over the past several years:

Auditing and Consulting

in the following areas:

Charitable institutions

  (Senior citizens) nursing homes
  Social stations
  Facilities for the care of handicapped persons
  Emergency medical services and patient transport
  Social and youth work with/without accommodation in a home as an establishment or project work for youths and social fringe groups

Employment promotion sector

  Promotion measures by the federal employment agency in free sponsorship
  Educational institutions with further education and retraining courses and measures

Sport associations

  Professional sport with revenues from sponsoring based on television and other marketing rights
  Amateur sport with subsidized/sponsored honorary activities

We currently service more than 60 charitable associations and foundations which promote various types of charitable purposes. The following are some of the objectives pursued by our clients:

  Promotion of social service activities
  Promotion of nature protection and rural conservation
  Promotion of sporting activities
  Promotion of science and research
  Promotion of educational upbringing, adult education and vocational training
  Promotion of cultural objectives
  Promotion of the public health system


Information &  

Tax Consultancy