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Technology entities and start-ups

It is not easy to start up a business in Germany. There is a complex and complicated combination of regulation for allowances and tax benefits. Receiving credits from financial institutes often seems to be an obstacle race. After creating a business-plan and spending much time on research- and development work it becomes critical to attract customers and perform sales before financial resources will expire.

Our support for entities will focus primarily on the financial management through the different phases of developing the business. We are always a partner who will at any time be available to assist our clients when help is required, especially when decisions have to be made in a short time.

We have developed main fields of practice as a result of our experiences over the past several years:

Technology companies

  Special auditing of statements of account for subsidized expenses and issue of the relevant utilization documentation
  (Voluntary) year-end audits arranged by the capital providers or (silent) partners
  Assistance with credit financing
  Assistance with regard to the commercial organization
  Solution with regard to tax construction issues, advice on the selection of the legal form and advice with regard to the shareholders/partners.

Business start-ups

  Examination of the realization possibilities of your ideas
  Joint preparation of a systematic start-up concept
  Support and advice on the selection of the legal form
  Preparing and designing business plans (financial and investment plans and calculation of earning power over a period of several years)
  Explanatory comments relating to tax obligations and other levies
  Assumption of financial and payroll bookkeeping functions
Ongoing tax-related and business management consultancy and advice


Information &  

Tax Consultancy