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For us every audit contract is an individual achievement. We are committed to review the specific conditions of each entity. Depending on the objectives of the requested services we distinguish mainly between the following cases:

Audit assignments

  Voluntary and statutory year-end audits in accordance with the German Commercial Code for incorporated companies ( 317 et seq. HGB) and a corresponding application for commercial partnerships, associations, foundations or public law corporate bodies
  Audits of proof of application of funds in the case of public/private grants/subsidies in accordance with the regulations and specification of the relevant donor of grants/subsidies
  Audits and certifications for EC projects within the 6th and 7th European Commission Framework Programme
  Due diligence audits

Audit-related assignments

Reorganization of IT-supported accounting systems and integration of accounting-related software systems
Preparation of expertises and comments on business valuations
  Preparation of forecast balance sheets and income statements, insolvency plans, interim financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  Establishing financial statements in accordance with the German Commercial Code


Technology entities
and start-ups