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Tax Consultancy

Our performance is concentrated on saving taxes and preventing tax risks. In spite of tax laws being very complicated, we explain the necessary obligations in a simple manner. We make suggestions for practical solutions for individual circumstances.

In addition we provide full services in bookkeeping and payroll accounting on a regular basis. Of course we compile all sorts of tax-declarations within a given period. We represent our clients as well as in areas of tax inspection through different tax authorities and represent our clients in tax court and also in tax affairs outside court.

The following summary gives a first impression of our standard services which we compile individual for the requirements of our clients:

General taxation law

  Ongoing tax assistance and advice in daily operational business with tax returns and tax declarations, together with bookkeeping measures
  Preparation and compilation of annual financial statements with and without plausibility assessments and explanatory comments
  Ongoing clarification of taxation matters and problems, together with taxation assessments of business transactions during the course of the year
  Assistance with field tax audits, management of legal appeal proceedings and representation in finance courts
  Constitutive assistance and advice in major matters such as formations, selection of the relevant legal form, conversions, amalgamations, etc.
  Strategic optimization over periods of several years
  Preparation of reports and commentaries

Tax specialization

Taxation of legal persons under public law, with the emphasis on public utility laws
  Advice on major aspects of establishing a new business
  Conversion law
  Formation of fiscal entity arrangements for trade, corporation and turnover tax
  Taxation of real estate
  Foreign tax law
  Corporate successions

Technology entities
and start-ups